Moxie: The ability to face difficulty with Spirit & Courage; Aggressive energy; Skill, Know-How; Fortitude & Determination; Sass & Spunk; Having cleverness & Creativity; Self Possessed Confidence, An attitude of fearlessness in everyday circumstances. The capacity to stand alone in favor of an unpopular opinion or course of action with casual demeanor

Couture: High Fashion

Friday, May 1, 2009

Moxie Couture Price Menu

Make-up $50.00 per application
Up-do’s $50.00 and up
Styles $30.00 and up
Mini manicures $10.00
· Add paraffin $5.00
Lip and brow waxing $8.00 per area
Clip in extensions

· $200.00 and up
Custom head pieces and veils $50.00 and up


Prices starting at $300.00

Bridal Hair Packages
(Hair only)

All packages include consultation

The dainty package $100.00
Includes One practice and wedding day
The polished package $200.00
Includes One practice, bridal pictures, wedding day
The exquisite package $350.00
Includes Two practices, bridal pictures, wedding day and one

make-up application


For a party of 4 receive a 5% discount
For a party of 6 or more receive a 10% discount

Friday, April 24, 2009

Wow!!! Confusion!!!

To all you Beauties out there that have been pulling up our blog and getting a warning...WE ARE NOT A SPAM BLOG! We got an email from the Blogger Team saying that our blog has been identified as a potential spam blog! Not sure how this happens, however I can reasure all of you that this is a false accusation. The Blogger team apologized for the fact that blogs like ours often get flagged incorrectly. I requested a review be done! All should be well. Also, The pictures on our blog were given to us by the Brides who have the copy rights to those pictures. As they are Family and close Friends we are well aware of the copy right. We would never, I REPEAT, NEVER illegally copy professional pictures that we do not have the permissions too use. WE WILL NOT HANDLE OUR BUSINESS SO UNPROFESSIONALLY!! We LOVE what we do too much to Jeopardize our business with Dishonesty. We hope that you will continue to visit our Blog & We hope that all this confusion is over soon. It is seriously annoying!!! We have several weddings coming up and are excited for these events. Can't wait to see all of you. Much Love!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Calling all Brides to Provo!!!

To all our Future Bride Peeps!!! We will be at the Bridal Fair this Saturday April.18.2009!! It will be held at Provo High School in what do you know "HAPPY VALLEY" WaHoooooo! We are so excited to be there and to meet all of you attending! It will be Fabulous! Hope to see all you Blushing Brides there! We will be the Crazy Gals dressed in Black and Hot Pink!
Much Love!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Afton was a fun Bride to work with! We started at 4am on her Wedding Day to give her the look of her dreams. Afton has short hair, so we practiced a couple times to ensure the perfect style. I colored and cut her hair prior. She wanted the side swoopy bang, so I cut them to ensure that they would work well with her updo. I pinned all her natural hair into a small bun in the back and worked from there. I added several wefts of extensions rolling them into barrel rolls and pinning them into place. Creating a low and full elegant style. Extensions are loads of fun to work with and there are many ways to incorporate the hair without it being noticeable. As Moxie Couture, we also make custom veils and head pieces. I made Afton's veil to match her gown and also to work perfectly with the style we had decided on. Afton has beautiful deep set eyes. For her photo shoot, I gave her eyelashes to help her eyes to pop, and they did beautifully. I also contoured her face for definition and gave her soft smokey eyes that were irresistible. Afton was a gorgeous bride and it was an awesome pleasure working with her. Thank you for the opportunity Sweets! Much Love!


This is Michelle! Michelle is a gorgeous Bride. I gave her a fuller look by clipping in extensions and filling in between the wefts with her natural hair. The look was absolutely breath taking! We are able to work with extensions very well to give you your desired style! When doing Michelle's make-up I contoured her face to give her definition. Her beautiful face gave me the perfect palet. As a make-up artist it is my job to make sure that you understand that when you are getting your picture's done, we will need to apply more make.up than you are probably used too. Michelle has a ton of make-up on in this pic but it looks just right for the look she wanted to achieve. Thank you Michelle for the amazing opportunity of being with you on your Wedding Day! Much Love!

Melissa & Melanie

This is Melissa and Melanie. Melissa makes a Beautiful Bride. She wanted her hair down so I gave her long loose curls and kept her make.up simple! I only gave her enough to enhance her natural beauty. Her hair and make.up was the perfect elegance for the gown that she wore. Melanie is my Body Builder Sister... I know right, she is huge! We wanted to make sure that everyone knows that we as Moxie Couture are not afraid of any hairstyle or any color you wish! Melanie has a very vibrant personality which is also portrayed in her hair! I placed Hot Pink and blond chunky highlights to compliment her funky cut! We are universal and have the abilities to give you the look of your choice. Like I have said "Beauty is an Art!" Melanie never wears make.up so whenever she gives me the chance I am all over it! But I keep it subtle her, natural beauty doesn't need to be played with! It was fun to work with you Ladies. Loves! Loves!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Vanessa...Absolute Beauty!

This is Vanessa! What a Beautiful Bride! Her dress gave perfect inspiration for her hair and make.up! We did two photo shoots, one with hair up and one with hair down. Absolutely Timeless and Captivating! It was a Blessing to be with you on your Wedding Day! Thank You! Much Love!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Let's Get this Party Started!!!

Holla, to all you Beauty Bees out there! We are so excited to get this business moving! For those of you that know us, you already know how much we love the Fashion Industry. Especially the Beauty aspect of it all! For those of you that don't know us...We are excited to get to know you! The 3 of us that are running the show are Dorothy Hendricks, Keisha Nelson, and Kylee Olson! All three of us can agree that making someone feel amazing about themselves is what we love most about this BIZ!!! This industry is nothing but pure inspiration and art for all of us! The Lord has truly blessed us with the abilities to help others with their beauty needs. The GREAT part about our business is WE COME TO YOU! We know that living in Utah many Weddings are very early if the Happy couple is getting married in the Temple! For this reason if you need us at 4am we will come a knockin' at 4am. Keisha and I are also able to go into the Temple at your convenience. We know that as a Bride you may blubber like a baby when you see your handsome hunk waiting so impatiently to be your new Hubby. Trust me he may cry as well! We are able to go in and meet you in the Bridal room to help you with your veil and touch-ups! And don't worry upon the brides request I have covered many a zits for the grooms! So Ladies, if your Beau is in need of a little cover-up, we do cater to the guys. Whether they like it or not! Just remember that on your wedding day, what you say goes!!! We love weddings but Moxie Couture Beauty and Bridal was created to provide a fun and convenient experience for any special occasion. We do everything...Dances, Photo Shoots, Cuts and Color ETC. We also make custom veils and head pieces to fit you. We promise to make your experience memorable and hope that we can also create great long lasting friendships! We will be at the Bridal Extravaganza this Saturday, April.4.2009 at The Grand America Hotel in Downtown, SLC. We are offering a 10% Discount to our first 5 bookings! Spread the word that these Spunky Ladies have been unleashed and we're ready to do our Thang! Loves to all and hope to see you soon! Love the Moxie's!!!